Thermal Management Materials

Our team supplies materials and provide fabrication service on superior polyolefin, urethane and
silicone materials, insulators and films for use in the communications, computer, transportation
medical, and consumer markets. These materials are specified in numerous applications
where function and quality are critical. Our offerings on fabrication materials include
PORON®, BISCO®, RIC PORON®, Mylar Tape, Nomex® Tape, Formex® etc...

Due to rapid technical advances and increasingly fierce competition for market share, the theme of modern electronic industry has become “higher performance but more compact in size”. However, this also implies more rigorous heat generation during the operation of the electronic modules. This is why thermal management in the product design is becoming increasing important and the selection of a suitable thermal interface material (TIM) has been frequently integrated as part of the product design process.
Our range of TIM products provides thermal management solutions for various heat generating electrical equipments. In coping with the changing needs of notebook computers; high performance CPU and chip set; portable electronic equipments, alteration of power supply and expansion module...etc., Emei’s thermal management products has a wide operating temperature range. In addition, the UL ratings for specific product ranges are suitable for application where anti-flammability is an important consideration.
Thermal Management Products are used by many of the world's OEMs in various industrial applications. These include: automotive, computer, power supply, graphic accelerator chips, flip chip...etc.

Product UL Information:
1.UL Number:E310786

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We provide Thermal Materials, EMI Shielding Materials, Polymer and Adhesives Materials, Insulation Materials, Inductive Components and Bulk Molding Compounds. Now, we are expanding to Building and Construction Materials.Our products gained quality certification and office networks in HK, Taiwan, Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai, Emei provides excellent value-added services including fabrication, adhesion, lamination, repackaging as well as 3 dimensions delivery & technical advice service in the Greater China.


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