Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) are pleased to introduce BandSorb® elastomer absorbers. Our new range of elastomer Cavity resonance (BandSorb® SC) Absorbers materials. The material consists of a thin, flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive silicone rubber. Schlegel can provide this material with different configurations for use in the frequency range of 1 GHz up to millimetre waves. With our own dedicated on site manufacturing and R & D team we are able to work closely with our customers to provide custom solutions where needed.
The BandSorb® absorbers are currently available as silicone rubber elastomer and a dielectric foam absorber.

The silicone rubber elastomer are available as:

SC: a flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive silicone rubber.
ST: a resonant absorbers which reflect -20 dB or less.
SH: a thermally conductive microwave absorber

Next to the silicone rubber material a lightweight high loss carbon impregnated dielectric foam absorber BandSorb® FB. BandSorb® FB provides a very low cost solution over the thinner rubber absorbers.
BandSorb® can be used for applications requiring absorption across a wide range of frequencies, such as antenna cross-talk and cavity resonance suppression.

BandSorb® SC Series
BandSorb® SN Series
BandSorb® HP Series
BandSorb® FB Series



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