Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) introduces ORS-II, a new series of gaskets specially designed for broadband applications. By combining its famous nickel copper plated conductive foam and its high-end nickel copper C12 flexible fabric cladding, ORS-II offers minimal surface resistance to achieve superior grounding and shielding results at low frequencies. By offering excellent Z-conductivity to close the cavities in the chassis openings, ORS-II also ensures substantial shielding performance at high frequencies.

ORS-II is available in a variety of thicknesses, which are die-cut to customer specifications, for a durable highly conductive product in all X-Y-Z axes. In addition, shielding efficiency is achieved with less sensitivity to compression variances than other traditional shielding products. ORS-II is available with a UL94-V0 flammability rating and complies with RoHS 2.0 European Directive and SVHC Policy (REACH).

All these features combined in one product makes ORS-II a great engineering solution when addressing all types of shielding challenges which are present in broadband and high-speed applications.

ORS-II is available in a multitude of geometries and in varying thicknesses. ORS-II is recommended for all combinations of I/O connectors, is particularly effective when broadband emissions and/or susceptibility are of concern, and is far more effective than standard conductive foam when superior grounding is important.

Technical Specifications

Shielding Effectiveness
 0.1-40 GHz
See Graph  Stripline method (IEEE std 1302)
 Operation Temperature  -40°F +156°F (-40°C +70°C)  
 Flammability  UL94 V0 UL94
 Surface Resistivity  <0.024 Ohm/sq. : NiCu-C12
 <0.08 Ohm/sq. : NiCu-C22
 SEM LP 3004
 Contact Resistance
 (@1Kg load)
 <0.08 Ohm-inch: NiCu-C12
 <0.20 Ohm-inch: NiCu-C22
 SEM LP 3001
 Abrasion Resistance  1000 cycles  ASTM D3884
 Thicknesses (mm)  1.00, 1.50, 2.30, 3.40, 5.00  

ORS-II Part Number Guideline:
CC3E: Die-cut according to customer drawing
XXXX: Sequence number


shielding effectiveness of ORS-II versus current shielding materials


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