Fabrication Technology

ECL has over 20 years manufacturing experience in inductive component industry. We have high-quality engineering team, supply chain management team and production management team. We offer high quality products and services for global market.


  1. High precision winding machines
  2. Tooling fixture design development
  3. Complex machine assembly
  4. Product testing (Optical measuring, high-voltage or impulse testing)
  5. Automatic potting glue
  6. Packaging in ESD (electrostatic discharge) trip or disposable containers, also tape & reel 

    CE certificate 8-Spindles Automatic Winding Machin
    Auto-upload/unload bobbins with twisting, cutting, bifilar winding of wires.

High-Precision Toroidal Winding Machine
Bifilar winding is applicable and suitable for very tiny size cores. 

Capability of Ballast, Power Supplies, Igniters and EMI Filters manufacturing:

  1. Automated and professional Manufacturing and Testing Equipment
  2. Tooling and fixture R&D
  3. SMD Assembly
  4. Complexed Machine Assembly
  5. Automated Optical Inspection, Hi-pot Test, Product Functional Test, Burn-in Test
  6. ESD Packaging

  Multiple automated assembly line including Soldering Paste, SMD Assembly, and Reflow Soldering machines

   Multiple Thru-hole assembly line including wave-soldering machines.

   Professional test machines including oscilloscope with HV test probe, automated functional tester and Hi-pot tester    for power supplies, ballast and igniters.

We provide Thermal Materials, EMI Shielding Materials, Polymer and Adhesives Materials, Insulation Materials, Inductive Components and Bulk Molding Compounds. Now, we are expanding to Building and Construction Materials.Our products gained quality certification and office networks in HK, Taiwan, Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai, Emei provides excellent value-added services including fabrication, adhesion, lamination, repackaging as well as 3 dimensions delivery & technical advice service in the Greater China.


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