UV Adhesive





UV Adhesive
Typical applications Products
- LCD end seal
- Relay air void seal
- Plastic, metal , glass, ceramic adhesion
- One component UV adhesives




Viscosity (cps)@25℃

Cure Schedule

UV-108 High transparency Fast UV curing 100K-300K 400-600 mJ/cm²
UV-108HV FIP gasket application Non-sag, good elasticity 35K-45K 600-1000 mJ/cm²
UV-147 Plastic adhesion Fast UV curing 10K-20K 600-800 mJ/cm²
UV-148 UV pattern transfer printing High hardness, abrasion resistant 0.5K-2K 600-800 mJ/cm²
UV-149 UV pressure sensitive adhesive High strength PSA 5K-6K 600-800 mJ/cm²
UV-150 UV threadlocker for 5G applications  Resistant to thermal cycling 8K-10K 400-600 mJ/cm²
UV-151 UV IC encapsulant, black Good flexibility 15K-20K 400-600 mJ/cm²
UV-152 UV IC encapsulant, white Good flexibility 15K-20K 400-600 mJ/cm²


Clear thixotropic

Fast UV curing


600-800 mJ/cm²


Clear thixotropic

Fast UV curing


400-600 mJ/cm²


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