Environmental / EMI Shielding

Schlegel Electronic Materials Environmental – EMI Hybrid (EEH) Series gaskets have been specially designed to provide environmental sealing as well as EMI shielding for outdoor cabinets. This new Schlegel Electronic Materials programme allows substantial cost savings for enclosure manufacturers on production lines in labour and supplies by replacing two different gaskets with just one.

Schlegel Electronic Materials EEH series gaskets are designed to ease mounting through special reinforced clips which can accommodate a wide variety of metal thickness. Special shapes and materials excel in dynamic or high cycling applications such as front doors or access panels with low compression rates and very limited compression set. An EPDM core with an operating temperature up to 100deg. C and good resistance to UV, water, acids,...make the Schlegel Electronic Materials EEH gaskets the right choice for outdoor applications. Our proven conductive NiCu-C12 or C70 fabrics provide over 96dB of broadband noise attenuation that is crucial for mid to high range shielding applications.

For tough environmental applications, we recommend half-wrapped parts, however full-wrapped profiles are also available for specific applications



EPDM sponge rubber core (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
Extruded over a galvanized wire core for use in flange mount.
Operating Temperature: -40 deg. C, +100 deg. C.

NiCu-C12 (Half-Wrapped, Full-Wrapped)
The highest efficiency for high-end applications
Surface resistivity: 0.024ohms/sq.
Abrasion resistance: 1,000 cycles (ASTM D3884)
NiCu-C70 (Half-Wrapped, Full-Wrapped)
A cost effective solution for mid- to high-end applications
Surface resistivity: 0.066ohms/sq.
Abrasion resistance: 1,000 cycles (ASTM D3884)

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