DynaShear / DynaGreen®

The Best Response to EMI Shielding for Card/Cage Applications

Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) introduces DynaShear and DynaGreen® an innovative EMI shielding gasket family for the shielding of modules in card/cages environment that is able to offer superior features over metal fingerstocks and current Fabric Over Foam gaskets. DynaShear and DynaGreen® utilize the bump technology that result from a three axis development program: 


  • SEM famous special flat D-Profiles with bump

  • Low memory ultra soft foam type 7

  • Abrasion resistant conductive fabrics

Both programs DynaShear and DynaGreen® are supplied with a flammability UL94-V0 rating but DynaGreen® utilizes a special SEM‘s formulation for the retardants making that series Halogen Free according to IEC 61249-2-21    (900 ppm max. bromine, 900 ppm max chlorine max. with a total of max. 1500 ppm). DynaGreen® is supplied with a special blue liner with a clear printed identification.



1.5mm 2.0mm 2.3mm 2.7mm 3.0mm 3.3mm 3.5mm 3.8mm
6mm EY37n2Zxxxx(HF) EK97n2Zxxxx(HF) EK97n2Zxxxx(HF) EQ77n2Zxxxx(HF) E2S7n2Zxxxx(HF) EQ87n2Zxxxx(HF) E2W7n2Zxxxx(HF) EQ97n2Zxxxx(HF)
8mm EY47n2Zxxxx(HF) EV37n2Zxxxx(HF) EP17n2Zxxxx(HF) EU87n2Zxxxx(HF) E2T7n2Zxxxx(HF) EV67n2Zxxxx(HF) E2X7n2Zxxxx(HF) EV77n2Zxxxx(HF)
10mm EY57n2Zxxxx(HF) EJ87n2Zxxxx(HF) EJ97n2Zxxxx(HF) EK17n2Zxxxx(HF) E2P7n2Zxxxx(HF) EK27n2Zxxxx(HF) E2R7n2Zxxxx(HF) EK37n2Zxxxx(HF)
12.7mm EY27n2Zxxxx(HF) EK47n2Zxxxx(HF) EK57n2Zxxxx(HF) EK67n2Zxxxx(HF) E2U7n2Zxxxx(HF) EK77n2Zxxxx(HF) E2Y7n2Zxxxx(HF) EK87n2Zxxxx(HF)
17mm EY67n2Zxxxx(HF) EY77n2Zxxxx(HF) EV87n2Zxxxx(HF) EY87n2Zxxxx(HF) E2V7n2Zxxxx(HF) EY97n2Zxxxx(HF) E3B7n2Zxxxx(HF) E1A7n2Zxxxx(HF)

n: specifies the fabric type (3: NiCu-C70, 4:NiCu-C12)  
xxxx: specifies length in the form xx.xx”
Standard parts supplied with wide release liner, PSA: 2 strips of adhesive is standard
Standard Height for uptaped and uncompressed parts.
All DynaGreen® gaskets have the identical physical and electronic characteristics as DynaShear. DynaGreen® has suffix “HF”.  HF: specifies Halogen Free.
eg. : DynaShear: EY37n2Zxxxx
DynaGreen®: EY37n2ZxxxxHF



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