Fabric over Foam/Silicone Gaskets

For outstanding control of EMI, Schlegel Electronic Materials EMI gaskets provide the perfect fit. Made from resilient open-cell urethane foam encased in conductive fabrics, Schlegel Electronic Materials gaskets fit securely in even small gaps and uneven joints. Lightweight and flexible, these EMI shielding gaskets are ideal for a variety of applications from portable electronics units, servers and computers toperipherals and large enclosures. Schlegel Electronic Materials EMI shielding gaskets are non-abrasive to conductively plated and painted surfaces, and they maintain galvanic compatibility with a range of surfaces.

These gaskets are tested with their conductive fabric to meet UL 94-VO and HB recognitions.

Schlegel Electronic Materials offers over 120 different profiles to meet all of your shielding needs. From standard square and rectangular to C-fold to D-shape, L-shape, P-shape, U-shape, and more, Schlegel Electronic Materials can design tailor-made shielding gasket to meet your needs.

For easy installation, Schlegel Electronic Materials gaskets are offered with, durable self-attaching inserts, clips, push-rivets or pressure-sensitive adhesive. Whatever the EMI shielding challenge, Schlegel can help you to solve your problems.

 Fabric over Silicone EMI Gasket

  • A well-respected leader in the EMI Shielding industry,introduces Fabric over Silicone EMI Gaskets (FoS) for high temperature applications. FoS has been developed with a new flame retardant formulation providing EMI shielding gaskets with UL94-V0 grade (Underwriters Laboratories lnc.) and Halogen Free according to IEC 61249-2-21 (<=900 ppm chlorine,<=900 ppm bromine and 1500 ppm max. halogens) .


  • Fabric over Silicone EMI gaskets provide low compression forces, low compression set and an operating temperature that can be up to 125℃ (257℉).


  • Combined with Highly flexible SEM fabrics NiCu-C12 or NiCu-C70, Fabric over Silicone gaskets still feature over 70dB attenuation at 40 GHz (SEM Stripline method)making this product ideal for on-board shielding or high temperature environment .Fabric over Silicone is currently available for all the SEM rectangular profiles.


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