Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials


  • Proprietary technology prevents excessive pump-out after initial burn-in cycle
  • Naturally tacky and heat sink preheating or additional adhesive for attachment
  • are generally not required
  • Low thermal resistance at low pressures
  • It is supplied the in rolls with a top tabbed liner for easy manual or large volume automated operations



  • High frequency microprocessors
  • Notebook and desktop PCs
  • Computer servers
  • Thermal test stands
  • DC/DC Convertors
  • Memory modules
  • Cache chips
  • IGBTs


Emei PN Color Thickness

Phase Change Temperature Range(℃)
Temperature (℃)


Thermal Impedance @ 10psi/50psi (℃-in2/W)

Temperature Range(℃)
Product Data Download (PDF Format)
E-Phase 800 White 0.005-0.02 2.5 50℃  75℃ for 5minutes 0.088 ~ 0.123 -40 ~ 130
E-Phase 7300 Grey 0.005-0.02 4.0 55℃  75℃ for 5minutes 0.081 ~ 0.087 -40 ~ 130


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