Bisco® or Poron®

Bisco® & Poron® are ideal for sealing, energy absorption, cushioning, vibration isolation, insulation and thermal management gaskets. Their resistance to environmental extremes, mechanical resilience and safety features make them perfectly suited for critical applications in transportation equipment, communications and electrical enclosures, electronic products and components, industrial machinery and appliances.


  • Ultra-low out-gassing
  • Good sealing
  • Cushioning
  • Thermal insulation
  • Absorb noise
  • Oil resistance
  • Extensive temperature range
    Bisco: -55℃ to 204℃
    Poron: -40℃ to 90℃
  • High durability
  • Good weatherability
  • Flame retradant
  • Good Insulation
  • Vibration isolation
  • UV resistance
  • Fills gaps and spaces
  • Shock absorption
  • High quality material
  • Resistance to stain
  • Filing material
  • Ink absorption
  • Germ Resistance
  • East to fabricate
  • FDA approved
  • Superior flame resistance
    Bisco: UL94v0 and HF-1 approved
    Poron: UL HBF



  • Environmental Seals
  • Outdoor Electrical Gaskets
  • EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets
  • Chip Package of Battery Cushions
  • Low Flame, Smoke and Toxicity Seals and Gap Fillers
  • Automotive Heat Shields
  • HID(High Intensity Discharge)Lighting Seals
  • Medical Device Gaskets and Seals
  • Moisture-Resistant Wrap¡BHigh-and Low-Closure Force Gaskets
  • Circuit Material Press Pads¡BUV-and Ozone-Resistant¡BEnvironmental Seals
  • Foam Core for EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets


Handheld Electronics
Consumer Appliance
Other Applications

Bisco® Type

1) BISCO Cellular Silicones are ideal for use as gaskets and seals, cushions, and thermal and acoustic insulation in demanding conditions. Both open- and closed-cell offerings withstand temperatures from -67°F up to 400°F (-55°C to 204°C). All of these products possess unsurpassed compression-set resistance. They pass stringent smoke and toxicity regulations and carry the most stringent UL flame ratings available, 94V-0 and 94HF-1.

Product Hardness Thickness
Color Description
BF-1000 Extra Soft 1.59 – 25.4 mm White Open Cell Cellular Silicones
HT-870 Soft 1.59 – 12.7 mm Black Open Cell Cellular Silicones
HT-800 Medium 0.7-25.4 mm Gray / Black Closed Cell Cellular Silicones
HT-820 Firm 0.7-12.7 mm Gray Closed Cell Cellular Silicones
HT-840 Extra Firm 1.59-4.76 mm -- Closed Cell Cellular Silicones
RF-120 -- 2.5-25.4 mm -- Open Cell Cellular Silicones insulation
cast on a reinforced reflective barrier
FPC -- 1.59-4.76 mm -- Fire barrier

2) BISCO Solid Silicones designed for high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications

Product Hardness Thickness
Color Description
HT-1200 40-70 A 0.51-6.35 mm White/Black/
Calendered Rubber
HT-1500 75 A 0.7-3.18 mm White/Black/
Calendered Rubber, fiberglass
reinforced, reversion-resistant
HT-6200 10-40 A 0.25-3.18 mm Several color Liquid Silicone Rubber,
transparent material
HT-6360 65 A 0.51-3.18 mm Black Flame retardant - Low Flame,
Smoke & Toxicity Solid

3) BISCO Specialty Silicone Materials designed to meet specific industry needs. These materials can withstand extreme temperatures and meet stringent industry flame tests

Product Hardness Thickness
Color Description
HT-200 -- -- -- Acoustic Barrier

Remark: All dimensions of above listed products are standard product. Other dimensions of non-standard are available. Please check with Product available specification for details.

Poron® Type

1) PORONR Microcellular Urethane foams offer a broad range of design solutions for gasketing, sealing and energy absorption. Low compression set and low outgassing features make these foams ideal for applications in communications, automotive, electronic, and other industrial devices.

Product Hardness Thickness
Color Description
4790-92* Extra Soft, Slow
0.51-6.35 mm Black --
4701-30* Very Soft 0.53-12.7 mm Black --
4701-40 Soft 0.79-12.7 mm Black --
4701-50* Firm 0.30-12.7 mm Black Used for managing high energy
impact with gasketing needs
4701-60 Very Firm 0.53-12.7 mm Black Used for energy management solutions
for enclosure gasketing applications
4701-41 Soft-Enhanced
0.79-12.7 mm Black enhanced sealability material offering
greater closed-cell content
4701-50 Firm-Thin as Cast 0.43-0.50 mm Black --
4790-79 Extreme
Impact Protection
0.53-4.78mm Black Poron  ShockSeal
 ThinStik Ultra-thin 0.50-0.75mm Black Ensure proper sealing and gap filling in
ultra-thin device

* PORON Cellular Urethane material is supported by being directly cast onto 2 mil polyester film.
All metric conversions are approximate. Additional technical services are available.

Remark: All dimensions of above listed products are standard product. Other dimensions of non-standard are available. Please check with Product available specification for details.

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